UNDER MILK WOOD: In the Walking Haze
by Dylan Thomas
7pm December 20 & 21 2013
The Saturn Bar – 3067 St Claude Ave

Join us in the cold month of December for an immersive aural experience; travel through the ghostly seaside town of Llareggub Hill and meet over forty characters using all of your senses!

Cripple Creek collaborates with Alex McMurray of the Valparaiso Men’s Chorus and WRBH Reading Radio to create an original soundscape mixing sea shanties and text from Dylan Thomas’ radio play, and whirl you into a theatrical experience unlike any you’ve ever seen in New Orleans!

This $25 ticket includes a three-course meal and all-you-can-drink “Buggerall” cocktails! These tickets sales will help finance our works in 2014.

Please consider an extra donation to assist us in our quest to find a permanent home by the end of 2014. An extra $20 or more in the holiday spirit will go a long way to help us open our very own venue.


The Cast

Eliot Barron
Claudia Baumgarten
Shannon Flaherty
Monica Harris
Tom Henehan
Dylan Hunter
Chris Lane
Jessica Lozano
Jen Pagan
Veronica Russell
Andrew Vaught
Jim Wright
Bill Malchow
Daron Douglas

The Staff

Emilie Whelan (Director)
Chris Lane (Production Designer)
Betsy Lindell (Sound Designer)
Alex McMurray (Composer)
Selena Poznak (Lighting Designer)
Adam Tourek (Prop Designer)
Kate Kuen (Promotions Coordinator)