by Alfred Jarry
February 25, 2010
The Allways Theater

After devouring, guzzling, and shanking his way through “Ubu Roi,” Pere Ubu returned with a brood of new and peculiar characters in Alfred Jarry’s nonsensical sequel, “Ubu Cocu”! Ubu is on the rampage once more, leading his army of Palcontents on a reign of terror against all landlords! Will Ubu heed his conscience or leave her stuffed in a suitcase? Will Mere Ubu stay by his side or abandon him for Memnon, Egypt’s finest sewer inspector?? And will ANY of it make any sense at all??!

The Cast

Andrew Vaught (Pa Ubu)
Monica Harris (Ma Ubu)
Francesca McKenzie (Mr. Achras)
Eric Gremillion (Rebontier)
Ian Hoch (Memnon)
Andrea Carlin (Scytotomille)
Emilie Whelan (Palcontent)
Shannon Flaherty (Palcontent)
Selena Poznak (Palcontent)