by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill
December 2-12, 2010
The Allways Lounge

Brecht & Weill’s Threepenny Opera follows the travails of the notorious criminal, Macheath, as he navigates a world of beggars, thieves, and prostitutes in Victorian London. With music deeply rooted in jazz and Viennese operetta, Weill’s provocative setting of Brecht’s gritty drama has enchanted audiences for the last century. Collaborating in the production with The Allways Lounge under Dennis Monn proved a magical pairing, as some of New Orleans’ most talented musicians, Walter McClements (Why are We Building Such a Big Ship, Panorama Jazz Band) and Aurora Nealand (Panorama Jazz Band,) joined an all-star cast to create an unforgettable evening of music and theatre. Threepenny won awards for “Best Musical Direction,” “Best Director of a Musical” and “Most Tattooed Cast” at the 2011 Ambie Awards, and for “Best Musical Direction” and “Best Director of a Musical” at the 2011 Big Easy Theater Awards.

The Press

Gambit: “Threepenny Dazzles at Allways”
Examiner: “Stark, Striking and Spellbinding”
Times-Pic: “A razor-sharp production”

The Cast

Andrew Farrier  (Filch)
Andrew Vaught (Narrator)
Becky Allen   (Mrs. Peachum)
Chris Wecklein  (Mr. Peachum)
Donald Lewis (Tiger Brown)
Monica R. Harris (Lucy Brown)
Pandora Gastelum  (Polly Peachum)
Ratty Scurvis  (Macheath)
Altercation  (Jenny Diver)
Andrea Duhe  (Whore)
Emilie Whelan (Vixen)
Raymond “Moose” Jackson  (Jake/Beggar/Cripple)

The Staff

Dennis Monn  (Director)
Harry Mayronne  (Musical Director)
Andy Vaught  (Assistant Director)
Walter McClements  (Band Director)