by Jose Rivera
April 8 – 24, 2011 at 8pm
The Allways Theater

Amidst environmental crises, unemployment, and national deficit on the rise with no signs of slowing down, José Rivera paints a superimposed, saturated existence not too far removed from our own. The celestial deterioration of the heavens has spilled upon the earth, reducing New York City to No Man’s Land and leaving humanity with only two choices: fight to survive or be destroyed. With a fine-tooth-combed quality of illustrative urgency combined with the delicate intertwining of humor and horror signature to Rivera, the piece entices audiences to more objectively explore an under-lying yet ever-constant fear: Have we gone too far?

The Press

Times-Pic: “‘Marisol’ gives audiences much to think about”
Gambit: “A tip of the hat… adventurous and risky choices”
NolaDefender: “Whelan directs the hell out of it”

The Cast

Jessica Lozano (Marisol)
Monica Harris (Angel)
Jennifer Pagan (June)
Ross Britz (Lenny)
Ian Hoch (Man with Golf Clubs/Woman with Furs)
Andrew Doss (Man with Ice Cream/Homeless Person)
Chris Lane (Subway Announcer/Scar Tissue )

The Staff

Emilie Whelan (Director)
Francesca McKenzie (Stage Manager)
Alden Eagle (Sound Designer)
Selena Poznak  (Lighting Designer)
Adam Tourek   (Set Designer)
Katie Gelfand   (Costume Designer)
Geoff Munsterman (Properties Manager)
Molly O’Gara (Assistant Costume Design)