by Dario Fo
January 15 – February 7, 2009
200 Grand Rte St. John

Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo’s We Wont Pay! We Won’t Pay! follows Antonia as she finds herself caught up in a riot at the supermarket where the woman in her city have had enough of the rising food prices, and decide to take what is theirs. Now she must figure out a way to hide the food from her law-abiding husband, evade the ever-present authorities, save her friend’s marriage, and make dinner. We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! shows the lengths that hunger will drive an ordinary woman to do extraordinary things and won “Best Comedy” at the 2010 Ambie Awards.

The Press

Times-Pic: “We Won’t Pay offers laughs in hard times”

The Cast

Andrew Vaught     (Giovanni)
Jennifer Pagan     (Antonia)
Jessica Lozano     (Margherita)
Nicholas Hyatt     (Luigi)
Alden Eagle     (Others)

The Staff

Ray Vrazel     (Director)
Kristen Germillion    (Assistant Director)
James Jennings     (Scenic Design)
Christina Noble     (Costumes)
Christopher Wright   (Sound Design)
James Uddo      (Light & Sound Board)