by Irwin Shaw
September 13 – October 20, 2007
N. Rampart Community Center

In the shadow of an advancing front, a burial detail conducts its duties and a chaplain prepares pray over the dead. However, the sad rituals are interrupted as a groan is heard from the newly dug graves and the fallen soldiers rise to their feet. Incensed at their plight, the men plead not to be buried in the saturated ground but instead ask to rejoin the living. As word of the insurrection spreads, the establishment seeks to suppress it. “Irwin Shaw’s 1936 anti-war play, in which bodies buried on the battlefield rise from their graves to protest the senseless carnage and cruelty of war.”

The Press

Times-Picayune: “Attack of the Anti-War Zombies”

The Cast

Andrew Kingsley (Reporter, Sergeant)
Andrew Vaught (Dead Person Understudy)
Blake Baudier (Soldier 2)
Carlos Gonzalez (Levy)
Charles Vaught (General 2)
David Glasser (Soldier 3)
Dennis McCann (Captain)
Emilie Whelan (Julia)
Freddie Young (General 3)
Hakim Young (Dean)
J.R. Fader (Mrs. Dean)
Jolie Wailes (General 1)
Keith Launey (Soldier 1)
Leah Wingate (Martha)
Megan Staab (Joan)
Philip Yiannopoulos (Soldier 4 / Reporter)
T.J. Toups (Webster)
Wendel Lewis (Morgan)

The Staff

Andrew Vaught (Director)
Melissa Clark (Costume Design)
James Uddo (Sound Design)
Blake Baudier (Technical Director)
Andrew Kingsley (Production Manager)