by Henrik Ibsen
July 24 – August 16, 2008
N. Rampart Community Center

As a small town prepares to resuscitate its economy by opening new medicinal baths, the doctor who conceived of the idea discovers the waters are contaminated. Certain he will be thanked for finding the flaw, he is alarmed when the town refuses to acknowledge or correct the defect. In spite of insurmountable opposition, the doctor refuses to ignore the truth and is terrorized by an oblivious and self-serving majority.

The Press

David Cuthbert: “Cripple Creek scores again with ‘Enemy'”
Gambit: “Washing Their Hands of It”

The Cast

Donald Lewis, Jr. (Dr. Stockmann)
Maura Hooper (Catherine Stockman)
Monica R. Harris (Petra Stockmann)
Ron Reeder  (Peter Stockmann)
Adam Moreland (Citizen)
Alden Eagle  (Aslaksen)
Alisa Brock   (Citizen)
Blake Baudier  (Captain Horster)
Bradley Rosenberg  (Billing)
Christopher Pitre  (Eljif Stockmann)
Connor Pitre  (Morten Stockmann)
Dennis McCann  (Morten Kiil)
Eric Gremillion  (Citizen)
Jessica Daigle  (The Drunk)
John Tran   (Citizen)
Liam Kraus   (Hovstad)
Lisa Smith (Citizen)

The Staff

Andrew Vaught   (Director)
James Jennings  (Production Manager)
Arthur Miller  (Adaptation)