by Andrew Vaught
November 29-December 17, 2006
The Big Top Gallery

This unusual work was an original American re-telling of Dickens’ classic story, with 1960’s segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace as Scrooge, in a hospital after having been shot by a would-be assassin. Adapted from Andrew Vaught’s one-act drama George Wallace In Hell.

The Cast

Michael Martin (George Wallace)
Blake Baudier (Speechwriter)
Britt Hullender  (Ghosts)
Emilie Whelan  (Seymour’s wife)
Jolie Wailes  (Lurleen Wallace)
Jorge Lopez  (The Deity)
Katrice Scott (Esther)
Lindsay Garvey  (Aide)
Paul Atreides  (Seymour)
Sean Mellott   (Aide)

The Staff

Andrew Vaught  (Director; Writer)
Andrew Kingsley  (Production Manager)