by Taylor Mac
October 18-21, 2012
The Den of Muses

Teaming up with a veritable supergroup of New Orleans theater, Cripple Creek joined Southern Repertory Theater, Mondo Bizarro,
Skin Horse Theater, the Allways Lounge and many, many more to
bring this staggering behemoth of theater to the St. Claude Arts District. This larger-than-life epic romped across five acts and starred nearly 45 actors!

Photo credit: Ride Hamilton

The Press

NOLA Defender: “The grandest spectacular available in our city”
Gambit Weekly: “Ambitious.. succeeded spectacularly”

The Cast

In Order of Appearance:
Nick Slie (Card Girl)
Shannon Flaherty (Audience Member, Forget-Me-Not)
Elyse Manning (Flower Girl)
Todd Phillips (Flower Girl)
Elyse Manning (Flower Girl)
Beverly Trask (Flower Girl)
Victoria Baker (Flower Girl)
Jennifer Pagan (Susan Stewart)
Emilie Whelan (Time/Wind)
Evan Spigelman (Lily)
Todd D’Amour (The Great Longing)
Pandora Gastelum (Bride Deity)
Ian Hoch (Groom Deity)
Jessica Lozano (Daisy)
Monica R. Harris (Daisy)
Sherri Marina (Master Sunflower)
Jarrell Hamilton (Baby’s Breath)
Amanda Winfield (Tick)
Samantha Beaulieu (Tulip)
Stylist B (Poppy)
Lauren Channell Allen (Red Rose)
Fari Nzinga (Lilac)
Vockah Redu (Pansy)
Francesca McKenzie (Bride Love)
Zach Rogers (Groom Love)
Barbara Haley (Flower Girl Love)
Sarah Jane Duax (Flower Girl Love)
Eric Thielman (Flower Girl Love)
Maritza Mercado (Flower Girl Love)
Rachel Clark (Flower Girl Love)
Christine Barona (Flower Girl Love)
Kerry Cahill (White Rose)
Chris Marroy (John Paul)
Matt Standley (Diana, Bride Puppeteer )
Bruce France (Ron)
Lee Kyle (Dirt)
Pamela D. Roberts (Queen Bee)
Thugsy da Clown (Incurable Disease)
Andy Vaught (The Pope)

The Staff

Andrew Vaught (Director, Act I)
Pamela Davis-Noland (Director, Act II)
Jeffrey Gunshol (Director, Act III)
Eric Thielman (Associate Director, Act III)
Nick Slie (Director, Act IV)
Aimee Hayes (Director, Act V)
Sarah Zoghbi (Associate Director, Act V)
Nari Tomassetti (Director Lazzis)
Nat Kusinitz (Director Lazzis)
Veronica Huntsinger-Loe (Kyogens)
Nina Nichols (Scenic Designer)
Joan Long (Lighting Designer)
Joshua Courtney (Assistant Lighting Designer, Master Electrician)
Ellen Macomber (Costumer Designer)
Brendan Connelly (Music Director, Piano)
William Bowling (Assistant Music Director, Strings)
Peter Bowling (Upright Bass)
Sean LaRocca (Percussion)
Owen Ever (Props Master)
M. Chandelier (Assistant Props Master)
Anthony Carpenter (Technical Director)
Burton Tedesco (Fight Director)
Frederick Mead (Make-up Designer)
Leah Farrelly (Production Stage Manager)
Nevada Paxton (Assistant State Manager)