2013-2014 SEASON

Possum Kingdom” by Andrew Vaught: October 18 – November 17, 2013

Directed by Bonnie Gabel. “Remember to Forget.” The six denizens of a small camp located at the bottom of the river live a simple life. Work consists of scraping a mysterious substance called “Brosia” and shipping it to the people up river who do … something with it. They are rewarded in beer, tin cans, and a sense of purpose. However, events far beyond their control begin to disrupt this tenuous existence. Strange sounds and an ethereal figure in the woods slowly encroach upon their camp, horrible mutant dog-eating fish swim in the river, and a possum appears in the woods. As the Brosia disappears, the small remnants of civilization left in the camp are sacrificed and discarded. Memories return in furious legion. What do people dependent upon a destructive occupation do when that occupation disappears?

“Possum Kingdom” mixes politics, physicality, original music, and simple machines to create an entrancing outdoor theater experience with a heavy dose of magic.

“Under Milk Wood” by Dylan Thomas: December 2013

Directed by Emilie Whelan. Join us in the cold month of December for an immersive aural experience; travel through the town Llareggub by listening to and seeing the inner lives of its townfolk. In Under Milk Wood, you, the spectator, get to travel through this ghostly seaside town using all of your senses. Cripple Creek collaborates with Alex McMurray and the Valparaso Men’s Chorus to create an original soundscape mixing sea shanties and text from a radio play. Set to broadcast on WRBH Radio for the Blind in the early months of 2014, Under Milk Wood: In the Walking Haze promises to be a theatrical experience never before seen in New Orleans.

“The Cradle Will Rock” by Marc Blitzstein: May 2014

Directed by Andrew Vaught. A musical unlike any other. Written at the height of the Federal Theatre and Great Depression, Cradle artfully exposes the wrongs of society. As the residents of Steeltown fight for a Union, a prostitute finds herself in jail with the city’s finest luminaries. As the audience explores how each of these characters sacrificed their integrity to the powerful “Mr. Mister,” Cradle explores the way that money, and the desire for money, corrupt even the best-intentioned citizens. Bold and stark in its musicality, The Cradle Will Rock presents the struggles of everyday people fighting against a power much bigger than themselves, and the bravery it takes to fight on against a stacked deck and an open shop. This paean to the right of individuals to make a decent living could find no better location than the Right-to-Work state of Louisiana.

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