Artistic Director Andrew Vaught

Welcome to 2013

Artistic Director Andrew Vaught
Artistic Director Andrew Vaught


We stand on the brink of another exciting year to be alive. We have endured a presidential election and a Mayan apocalypse, and now stand prepared to tackle some of the most ambitious projects we have ever hoisted upon ourselves. Cripple Creek has much to be grateful for in the past year. We finished our UBU Trilogy with an appropriate amount of anarchy and drunkenness. We played to sold-out crowds with Lysistrata. We highlighted amazing performances and inspiring community members with Adam Bock’s The Shaker Chair. Partnering with our good friends at The NOLA Project we produced what the Times-Picayune called “The Best Production of the Year” with Balm in Gilead. And we were a fraction of a fabulous whole with the epic Lily’s Revenge. We have been small and we have been big. We have been realistic and we have been absurd. We have been Cripple Creek. We have all of you to thank for supporting and participating in a wild year. 2013 is here and we face a road of wonderful possibilities and opportunities. Join us once more.

On January 5th at 8pm, we hold a staged reading of a new original work, Possum Kingdom. This play deals with the six denizens of a small encampment at the bottom of a river who toil in a mysterious substance called Brosia. Their fragile lifestyle is disrupted with the appearance of a strange possum without a tail named Tusk. As the Brosia begins to disappear memories are revealed and slowly the natural world starts to change and change them. It will be held at New Orleans Shaolin-Do and Kung Fu, located at 4210 St Claude Avenue. Admission is free, but seating is very limited. You’ll have another chance to see part of the new production at the Network of Ensemble Theatres Microfest at Café Istanbul January 18th at 8pm.

February 1st finds us in full Mardi Gras form. Cripple Creek’s “Carnival Carousal” at the Allways Lounge will feature food, libations, possums, tin cans, ridiculous card games and the unassailable musical stylings of Aurora Nealand. The Super Bowl is coming to town, but we remain unbowed, for if the Saints ain’t playing then it’s not a party. Come for a scrappy celebration that defies the major networks. The proceeds of this fundraiser go directly to our May production, the regional premiere of Clybourne Park.

In producing Clybourne Park, Cripple Creek takes a huge leap as a theatre company. Thanks to a mix of gut, muscle, heart, and mission we will present the newly minted Tony and Pulitzer winning drama. This play, which deals with the very real and painful affects of discrimination and gentrification, speaks to what is occurring in this city at this very moment. Neighborhoods are changing rapidly, people are arriving and leaving the city, decisions are being made that will affect the makeup of New Orleans for years to come. Clybourne Park deals with race and class with biting wit and clear-eyed emotion. In addition, we are partnering with the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center in the creation and performance of an original play that deals with history of housing in this country. We are so pleased to have such a momentous production be entwined with such a noble and effective organization. Cripple Creek seeks to produce works that provoke social action, and this moving, hilarious, and truthful play fits that mission perfectly.

As the New Year begins we ask ourselves, “How can the ambitions we have fuel the actions we perform?” How do we as individuals, as organizations, as members of this enormous world, exist in such a way that makes the struggles and difficulties of the everyday worthy of the lofty goals we set for ourselves? Cripple Creek seeks to answer these questions with every performance we have. There is no year without struggle and disappointment, and this year will be full of challenges for our Country, our City, and Ourselves. But we ask you to join us as we seek to present work that is worthy of New Orleans and the amazing potential that is being realized in this city. We have set a difficult road for ourselves. The more of us there are the easier it gets.

Happy 2013, friends; may Providence guide each step we take.

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