FIRST LOOK: “Possum Kingdom” by Andy Vaught

"Nature functions on chaos, randomness and murder."

The six denizens of a small camp located at the bottom of the river live a simple life. Work consists of scraping a mysterious substance called “Brosia” and shipping it to the people up river who do … something with it. They are rewarded in beer, tin cans, and a sense of purpose. However, events far beyond their control begin to disrupt this tenuous existence. Strange sounds and an ethereal figure in the woods slowly encroach upon their camp. Horrible mutant dog-eating fish swim in the river. And a tailless possum named Tusk has begun to eat all of the Brosia. As the Brosia disappears, the small remnants of civilization left in the camp are sacrificed and discarded. Memories return.  The natural world begins to invoke the best and worst of the citizens of Possum Kingdom.

There are two opportunities for you to get a glimpse at this raw, dark world: The first is a staged reading at 8pm on January 5th at the Shaolin-Do (4210 St Claude Ave) that is free to attend.

We will also share an excerpt from Possum Kingdom at the NET MicroFest at Cafe Istanbul along with works from Goat in the Road, A Scribe Called Quess, Chuck Perkins and Micaela Harrison. See the full NET MicroFest schedule here.

We hope you can join us for one or both of these events… feedback is a crucial part of developing any new work and we’ll be thrilled to have you on board for this exciting first step.

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