by Andrew Vaught and Chris Kaminstein
September 16 – October 2nd, 2011
The Allways Theater

Jarville is a mess, seeing visions and watching cows make proclamations on their hind legs. It doesn’t help that his sister, Sheila, is setting up tents in his backyard. His neighbor, Hudie, keeps going on about messages in the static, messages that confirm what Jarville wants to deny: the clock is ticking.

The Future is a Fancyland Place takes a peek at America’s obsession with apocalyptic prophecies, our desire to create an ending again and again, and what happens when it doesn’t end…again.

Company member Selena Poznak received a Big Easy award for “Best Lighting Design” for her work on “Fancyland.”

Photography by Jess Pinkham

The Press

Gambit: “Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction”
Examiner: “A Strong Belief System Gone Awry”
Nola Defender: “A Timely and Fascinating Endeavor”

The Cast

Ian Hoch (Jarville)
Emilie Whelan (Sheila)
Ross Britz (Hudie)
Francesca McKenzie (Juniper)
Shannon Flaherty (Britt)
Andrew Vaught (Ovit)
Cecile Monteyne (Beulah)
Matt Standley (Randy)
Dave Davis (Slim)

The Staff

Chris Kaminstein (Director)
Rebecca McLaughlin  (Stage Manager)
Selena Poznak  (Lighting Designer)
Eric Gremillion  (Sound Designer)
William Bowling (Composer / Sound Designer)
Phil Cramer (Set Designer)
Katie Gelfand (Costume Designer)
Rachel Lee  (Dramaturg)
Kristen Gremillion  (Assistant Camera)
Monica R. Harris  (Public Relations Coordinator)
Andrew Larimer   (Special Effects)